When you’re having a moral discussion

And the person you’re talking to has to stop because you’re making too much sense and they’re not open to changing their views.

Unreasonable standards in women

I’m definitely guilty, I mean how in the world am I going to find a girl that can beat Zelda 2 on her own… I mean.. what?

Catching up with old friends

I feel like usually there’s the whole whos more successful competition you always see.

When I catch up with an old friend it turns into more of a whos got the more depressing life..

Attached to intimate objects

I noticed after buying my first car that I get attached to initimate objects, for example I am in bed thinking “I hope he is okay out there, the birds better not think of going near him…”

Maladaptive dreaming

It’s when you daydream too much whether it be obsessively fantasizing about things or like in my case to escape reality. People usually pace back and forth or shake something uncontrollably while daydreaming and it’s closely related to OCD, anxiety, depression and ADHD.

I’ve definitely noticed I’ve been doing this far more nowadays, I’m kinda too scared to go to a psychologist because they might be like oh you’ve got a severe case of it with some OCD, some depression, anxiety, AvPD and some ADHD.. would you like some fries with that?